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Part of the Parcel

on July 24, 2012

When I hear people complaining about sleepless nights and stinky nappies I know they are just tired, somewhat fed up. I know that I have had a really easy ride up till now, I am sure for a while still. Still it’s relative, a hard night for me is still a hard night, I am not used to a screeching child who cannot be put down, it frightens me to the core when he does it.

When people start giving me “that look” when I tell them I solved the problem by putting him in the bed with us, or the tone of voice they take when they say “he’s a thumbsucker”, the self satisfied grunt they make when he wants to come to his mommy, those people I want to shove down the stairs. They assume I don’t know what all that means. Since he is my first child and so little they must think I don’t realise that I am in for at least 6 years of sharing my bed (if not longer), that I need to start saving now for an orthodontist for braces and that maybe that first day at pre-school will be difficult for the both of us (mostly me).

What they don’t realise is that I went into this with my eyes wide open. I was prepared for endless sleepless nights, for colic, for reflux. I knew that the minute I started feeding him solids his poos would go from manageable to totally gross. Even as far back as running scenarios in my head of what would happen if I didn’t get the natural birth I so wanted, which went a long way in helping me not freak out completely.

It’s a little like being a professional athlete. Those who prepare, study the course, visualise and pace will always have an easier time than those who do not. So if you PLAN on having a child know that Saturday Mornings will soon be filled with cartoons instead of canoodling and sexy showers will, for a while, be splish splash fun. Sleep will be a luxury and must be well timed to get the most out of it. Nappies stink, more so if you use formula and, I believe, the formula + meat combination could be used to clear a mob scene, deal with it because honey, this IS what you signed up for. Your heart will break a million times because your tiny human is sick and you can do nothing to help.

Your little parcel of joy and gurgles is a living, breathing, growing adventure. Like all adventures you will have the beautiful days with gorgeous sunsets and the nights where it rains so hard your tent can no longer hold of the water. Take a deep breath, huddle close and weather the storm, tomorrow will bring more sunshine too.


6 responses to “Part of the Parcel

  1. lingme says:

    Well said! It baffles me how so many people think they should have a say in how you raise your child. Ps: Cuddling up to a tiny body in bed is just the best thing ever.

    • ladyraven says:

      I agree, he is always so warm, sometimes I bring him to bed more for my comfort than his (though he doesn’t seem to mind)

  2. You have has an easy time, compared to other families, but tough for you is still tough. I went a different route, but I had a very different baby. You do the best for him as I did the best for her. I made huge mistakes and so will you. But he is healthy, happy (most of the time) and growing. You make the best use of the time you have for yourself: be if for sleep (me) or exersize:). I do worry about the long term effects of thumbs over dummies (an example) , but it is not for me to judge just support. And spoil him, as is my right as his aunty.

  3. Miri Moo says:

    As a kid I didn’t have a dummy or suck my thumb, but still needed braces. If my daughter feels comforted by being in my bed that that is where she needs to be and she will always be welcome no matter how long it takes.

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