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Goodbye 2012

on January 13, 2013

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I normally have a way of remembering only the good things, the happy parts, the parts that made me smile. 2012 ended so badly, mostly I remember that, the sadness and frustration. The utter disrepair and crisis. The loss of friends to frivolous drama, the loss of a very dear woman who’s life was so full of stories and love for us, her family.

The loss of time and how fast it passes makes me wish 2013 to be an amazing year that goes by slowly. Slowly slowly please. I am not ready for my child to be 2 or my gran to be gone a whole year.

On the other hand 2014 brings with it a chance to start TTC and to plan for another joy in our lives. If the planning we are doing for 2013 works like we want, 2014 will be a chance to travel and fill our world with adventure (hopefully this will begin in 2013)

So 2013 please creep across my life, slow but steady, leaving only soft footprints and no stab wounds.

They say hardship makes you grow, well this year I would like to remain short and sweet, let the bitterness leach away for a bit and leave me clean and fresh for 2014 and the chance to grow another life inside me, to give my beautiful boy a sibling and fill more joy into the world.

For my blog, well I plan to try blog more, be more honest, be less permissive, really say how I feel. If it offends you, I am sorry. I will bring in facts and proof when needed but I will also vent and those I will mark as such for the purpose of saving a few toes. Stick around, it will be bumpy, but most good adventures are.

I leave you with a smiling face that brings me so much happiness my heart bursts


Light of my life



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