The Mommy Journey

Step by step I grow as he grows

Learn when to say no


I have been saying no to the wrong things. Walks on the beach with my son. Getting out the house on days off. Running around looking silly with my son.

Today,  while walking on the beach and running around being silly with my son I realised I have been focusing tok much on what is comfortable and not what is fun.


I resisted the urge to say no to him when he asked to go to the beach and when he told me to come play in the lagoon… I did. You know w what the worst thing that happened was?  My pants got wet. You know what the best thing that happened was?


My pants got wet…

I had fun,  my son had fun,  my husband laughed at me and took photos and when I got home I felt happy, content even.

Here’s to more Yes to the fun things!

Food was on point again today.  A colleague got soft serve about an hour before home time and it was so so tempting but I reminded myself that my choice was Ice cream or a baby. 


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and sour cream


Snack: watermelon seeds


Lunch: left over burgers on cloud bread with added sour cream

Afternoon snack: 2 small plums


Supper: Oetzi Korean beef shortrib and red cabbage paleo egg rolls (I ate only 1) and a paleo crepe with butter and honey


3 litres of water achieve!

How was your day?

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Facing the real choice


Fat belly v.s. Baby belly

I am an impulsive person.  I seldom go for the big picture approach and more the “right here right now”  stance. This has been my downfall on very many things,  from quitting Modern Dance (I could have a dancer’s body right now)  to caving on the pizza I crave.

This,  however,  needs to end right now. I need to see the bigger picture and that bigger picture is baby number 2. My choice therefore ,  is not between eating clean or eating ice cream but Fat Belly or Baby Belly.

The constant nag to just let go and have what I want needs to change it’s tune. Instead of pushing me to failure I nerd to be pushed to success. I have done this before and I CAN and WILL do it again,  for me,  for my health and for my family. 

Today was relatively clean,  a small sleep with a couple of winegums but majority was clean.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and tzaziki

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and tzaziki.

Morning snack was biltong


Lunch was Oetzi lasagne with salad

Mid afternoon I had some mango


Supper, cloud bread burger. 

Currently sitting on 2.25l of water so have another 750ml to get in.

S. Health has this to say about my eating


Managed to surpass my 60 min active goal but not steps.  Still on antibiotics so not pushing too much.

How was your day?

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Next stop 20kgs

I am here. I am alive. I have a beautiful baby boy,  can you believe he is 4 and a half already? 

Yes,  I also thought I would have one more by now and have been trying for number 2 since April 2014, no dice.

One of the issues,  the main one which leads to all the other problems,  is my weight.  Hence the title.

Currently I am 20kg heavier than I was when I fell pregnant with Y. So my first goal is to reach there. 115kg.

That isn’t my ideal weight but just my first goal. 

Since loosing weight is an integral part of continuing my Mommy Journey I decided to document it here.  My weight loss journey,  my food habits,  my successes,  failures,  fertility signs,  etc.

So here is where we begin:


…and hopefully we end up with 2 pink lines.

Wish me luck!